If you own a home spa or know someone who does, then you may want to invest in some spa supplies.  However, there are a large number of different spa supply companies out there, and some of them just aren’t very organic or green.

organic-spa-suppliesHowever, there are a number of different organic products for spas that are offered, if you know where to look for them.  You can find soaps, bath mats, stools, tub caddies, and much more just by searching for organic spa supplies.  Many of these items are made out of bamboo.  No, not the type of little desktop bamboo that you might have on your desk.  That bamboo seems very brittle and easy to break, but large bamboo is actually incredibly strong.  It’s also one of the fastest growing materials on the planet, making it very renewable.

One of the things bamboo is used for is to build folding stools and tables.  These little tables can be used in the spa or bathroom to hold extra towels or other products, but you can also use them as end tables in your living room or as a night stand in your bedroom.  They’ve very versatile and very strong.  When you’re not using them, they fold flat and can be stored just about anywhere.

Need storage space in the spa or shower?  Just grab a bamboo bath caddy.  These come in two different versions: there’s a horizontal bath caddy that actually sits across your tub.  This is great for holding your soaps and such, but you can also use it for things like a glass of wine or your favorite book.  The other type of bamboo caddy is an over-the-shower-head type storage solution.  You hang it off the shower head and can tuck your soaps and shampoos into its various slots and shelves.

No matter what organic spa solutions you pick up, you’ll find that they all look great.  You’ll also feel good knowing you’re enjoying your relaxing spa day without damaging the environment.

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