Many people enjoy hanging their clothes out on the clothesline to dry in the warm summer air, but what happens during the winter or during bad weather?  Using a clothesline is just not a possibility at these times, but how else can you dry your clothing without resorting to using an electric clothes dryer?  For many, that’s just not an option since it involves using a powered form of drying clothing.  new-england-wooden-drying-rackHowever, there is one option: an indoor drying rack such as the New England Wooden Drying Rack.

This folding rack may not quite give you the same amount of room as a clothesline, but it certainly provides plenty of space for you to dry clothing indoors.  It folds up for easy storage, and it’s light enough to move and set up anywhere.  The rack is, however, durable and sturdy enough to hold any type of heavy clothing such as bulky sweaters or jeans.  With the ability to dry clothing either by hanging it or by lying it flat on top of the rack, you’ll be able to take care of all of your wet clothing without using any electricity at all.

The New England Wooden Drying Rack is made from unfinished pine and built to last.  Overall, it provides 50 feet of space of drying space.  If you’re looking for a great way of drying your clothing indoors without having clothing spread out all over your house, the New England Wooden Drying Rack is absolutely perfect.  You can quickly and easily dry your clothing and not worry at all about adding to your power bill.

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