Some people are allergic to chemicals, while others simply want to use the most environmentally sound products they can.  There are a number of different natural home goods that can be used in place of other products that contain harsh chemicals.  Using these products will keep your home free of potentially dangerous chemicals and will help the environment.

In the realm of household cleaners, you’ll find a lot of different natural home goods.  This is one of the areas in which many green companies have focused their attention because of the many chemicals used in cleaners.  These cleaners use only completely organic ingredients.  Take the Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner, for example.  It uses natural emulsifier and a natural alkalinity builder to clean almost all surfaces.  It won’t leave behind any odors or residue, and it’s completely safe for the environment.  Citra-Solv, likewise, is a great kitchen and bath cleaner that can be used to cut through the grime in your oven, on your floor, or on your tub.  It’s safe for many different types of surfaces, too.

But natural home goods don’t end there.  There are many different home goods that aim at helping you store and organize your home.  For example, a Cedar Shelf Unit is made from all natural managed cedar, and it looks incredible.  It also gives off a very pleasant cedar scent that will help repel various pests and insects.  Another nice organization option is the Bamboo Laundry Organizer.  This strong and flexible organizer is created from sustainable bamboo, one of the fastest growing materials ever.

Finally, you’ll find some great green pet accessories in any natural home goods section.  These include everything from biodegradable clean up baggies to a device that will stop dogs from barking by sending out special sound frequencies that do not hurt the dogs.

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