It seems like cooking for any good sized group of people always results in way too much food.  While sending some of these leftovers home with your guests is certainly an option, you always end up keeping some of the food.  Inevitably, it goes into your plastic containers.  keeper-vacuum-food-sealersAlso inevitably, you have to sort through a stack of lids before you find one that fits perfectly.  After all of this mixing and matching, what happens?  You forget about the leftovers and end up throwing them away because they go bad.

Well, now there’s a solution to this issue: the keeper vacuum food sealers.  This very simple system of vacuum-sealing your food helps to keep your leftovers good for much longer than just a simple butter tub would.  Don’t ever struggle with disposable cellophane to cover jars or trying to find matching lids since these sealers will match just about any sized jar or tub you already own.  They come in five different sizes, so you’re sure to find small, medium, and large bowls or jars that match from what you already own.

All you have to do is place one of these vacuum seal lids on top of any type of jar, can, or bowl.  Press down in the center, and the vacuum seal will actually push out all of the oxygen in the bowl, making the food last up to five times as long as it would normally.  This means you have that much longer to eat those leftovers…or leave them in the back of the refrigerator!  But at least when you pull them out, chances are they will still be edible and not completely rotten like they would have been if you had not used one of these vacuum food sealers.

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