Making homemade ice cream can be a lot of fun.  ice-cream-ball You can create just about every flavor you enjoy right in your own home, or you can mix flavors or ideas to create your very own type of ice cream.  Kids love it, and it makes a great dessert to any family cook out or dinner.  Of course, you need an ice cream maker to do this.  But what if there was a type of ice cream maker that didn’t require any power source at all?

That’s what the Ice Cream Ball is.  This ice cream maker is a heavy duty plastic ball that is highly insulated.  You place your sugar, flavoring, and fresh cream inside the aluminum chamber and then pack the rest of it with ice and rock salt.  Seal up the chamber with the lid, and once it’s in place, it’s time to mix up the ice cream!  How?  By passing, tossing, and rolling this nearly indestructible ball around.  All you have to do is play with it for about 20 minutes and you’ll have your ice cream all ready to eat.  Since the ball is insulated, it works on even the hottest days.  It’s also large enough that you can make a good amount of ice cream at once—one pint or so.  You don’t have to do any hand cranking or plug in anything.

The Ice Cream Ball is a great way to get your kids involved in the making of their own desserts.  While you could ask them to hand crank those other type of ice cream makers, that’s simply no fun at all.  Playing with an Ice Cream Ball is much more exciting, and it makes ice cream in no time!

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