The holidays are approaching, and with them, the need for various holiday decorations.  Many people start their holiday shopping early, both for gifts and for decorations.  The stores, likewise, keep putting out decorations earlier and earlier.  homespun-stockingsIf you’re one of these people who love to start your holiday shopping months in advance, you may be interested in adding some unique homespun stockings to your collection.

These homespun stockings are made completely out of wool, and they are done in festive holiday colors.  You can choose from green or red, but no matter which one you select, you’ll find these stockings are large enough to hold just about any sized stocking stuffer.  Because they’re hand-made, each stocking is just a little bit different, so you’re guaranteed to get a stocking that is unique.

The homespun stockings are made from chunky-weave wool that has been dyed using all natural dyes.  They are all handcrafted by Nepalese artists, and proceeds from each stocking go to help support various charities such as education for young women, maternity leave for pregnant women without support, and eye care.

The homespun stockings are created under fair trade policies, which means that the artisans who create them are paid a fair wage for their work.  This wage is large enough that they can live on in their local economy, and the artisans are paid between 15 and 30 percent of the retail price of the products sold.

All in all, these neat homespun stockings give you both a great holiday decoration and give you the chance to help support some excellent charities and artisans.  Plus, the fact that there is no chemical dye or other artificial product used in their creation makes them a great environmental gift.

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