Tired of reaching for the cloves or parsley only to discover that what was a fresh herb a few weeks ago is now limp and wilted?  herb-saverFresh herbs can add a great flavor and taste to any meal, but they seem to go bad before you can use them all.  How can you get around that?  Some herbs can be frozen, but they never seem as good as they do when they’re fresh.  Instead of throwing them in the freezer, why not try the Herb Saver?

This little canister-like storage device is a great way of keeping your herbs fresh and green for several weeks or more.  All you do is put the herbs into the clear, plastic storage section.  Then you fill up the base with a little bit of water and snap the storage section on to it.  The stems of the herbs sit down in the water, which helps to keep them fresh.  The base features a small port that lets you easily refill the water without removing the storage section.  A stainless steel basket sits down inside the base and is removable for easy cleaning.

The Herb Saver is designed to fit in any standard refrigerator door, and it works for many different types of herbs.  You can use it to store parsley, rosemary, thyme, and cilantro, just to name a few.  If you love fresh herbs but are tired of wasting some of them, this is the perfect solution for you.  Keep your herbs fresh, keep your food tasting great, and keep from wasting money on herbs that you end up throwing away.

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