If you’re like a lot of people who use stick butter, you end up with many different little bits and ends of sticks stuck in your refrigerator.  These sticks don’t really add up to enough to use in any baking, and it seems somewhat pointless to serve them with dinner since there’s so little butter there.  french-butter-keeperPlus it just looks odd to have several small parts of sticks on your butter tray unless you slice them all evenly.  If you’re worried about appearances or just want to find a use for all of those small bits of butter, here’s an idea: put them in a French Butter Keeper.

A French Butter Keeper is a way of keeping butter fresh without keeping it in the refrigerator.  The French have used these butter crocks for years, and even though it may not sound like they would work, they really do.  All you have to do is put a stick of softened butter into the lid of the keeper and fill the base up two-thirds of the way with water.  Then invert the lid so that it fits in the base.  The butter keeper’s seal keeps oxygen out, which in turn keeps your butter fresh.  You can even pop the French Butter Keeper in to the microwave and then put it directly on the table to serve melted butter right out of the lid.  It’s also dishwasher safe as well.  You can purchase this artisan-made French Butter Keeper in either terra cotta or sage color.  Both types of stoneware are made using lead-free glaze.

A French Butter Keeper is a great way of getting rid of having those random bits of butter left in your refrigerator, plus serving melted butter at dinner is a great way of making your mashed potatoes or rolls incredibly delicious.

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