Do you ever have those moments when you really wish you had a third hand to hold the flashlight?  Maybe your car had a flat tire on a dark street while you were driving home and you need both hands to change it, but you don’t have anyone around to hold your flashlight while you do so.  solar-headlampOr maybe you’re doing some work up in your attic and just can’t find a place to wedge your flashlight so that it shines in the right spot.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a headlamp for these occasions?

But wouldn’t it be even better if that headlamp never ran out of battery power?  Well, with the Everlite Solar Headlamp, that’s not a problem!  This headlamp has an adjustable, comfortable band that fits anyone from child to adult, and it securely holds the lamp to your forehead.  To charge it up, all you have to do is leave it out in the sun during the day.  After just two hours, you’ll have enough power to run the headlamp at full brightness for six hours or at half brightness for 12 hours.  That’s enough time to complete your projects, get your tire changes, or find your way back to camp if you were out hiking.

The LED in the headlamp has a 40 foot range and can be angled using the built-in hinges.  It has three different modes—manual on/off, light-sensing on/off (it automatically comes on in the dark), and an emergency blinking mode that will attract help from anyone in the area.  Everlite even has a range of different accessories you can purchase for the light, including a cable that allows you to charge your cell phone from the headlamp!

Find out more about the Everlite Solar Headlamp at Real Goods Solar.

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