If you own a wood burning stove or even a gas stove, you might use them in the winter as a way of helping to heat your home.  ecofan-gas-and-woodstove-fanWood burning stoves, especially, are often used for heat.  However, they use up a lot of wood, and sometimes, they don’t actually put out as much heat as you’d like.  However, there’s a way you can get more heat out of these stoves without using up any more resources.  How?  By circulating the air using an Ecofan Gas and Woodstove Fan.

The Ecofan Gas and Woodstove Fan helps to improve your woodstove’s heating capability by 30%.  This means your room will be much warmer than before.  These fans use thermodynamic technology that actually makes the fan speed up as the stove gets hotter.  Best of all, these fans do not use any electricity at all, so they’re increasing your heating efficiency but not drawing on any resources.  What more could you want?

The bottom of each Ecofan features a small temperature-sensitive strip that tilts the fan just a bit so that it won’t overheat by staying in contact with the hot surface of the stove.  The fans are also made out of anodized aluminum so they won’t corrode or rust.

There are several different models of the Ecofan.  There’s the standard Ecofan for woodstoves.  Then there’s the Ecofan for gas stoves.  Finally, the Ecofan Plus has a larger heat absorbing surface so that it can circulate even more heat throughout the room.  No matter which one you select, you’ll find your rooms are much warmer and that you need to use less fuel in your stove to maintain that heat.

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