Finding good eco cleaning supplies can be difficult.  There are a couple of issues—one is that some places simply don’t carry them.  The other is that if they do, the selection is often limited and the prices are sometimes outrageous.  smells-begoneHowever, one great eco cleaning supply that isn’t too expensive is called Smells Begone.  If you’ve got animals or find your home has some funky odors about it (and come on, who doesn’t have a strange smell in their house every now and then?  I know I do), then Smells Begone may be the perfect product for you.

Smells Begone is completely nontoxic, and it contains no harsh chemicals or other ingredients.  It also won’t stain anything, and it’s unscented so you’re not replacing one bad smell with one that’s only slightly better.  Instead of simply replacing the smell, the product will neutralize the source of it.  This means the end result will be a permanent removal of the odor, not just a temporary masking effect.  Smells Begone has been noted to neutralize everything from pet urine and litter box smells to trash to skunk spray.

While some odor neutralizing products have to be applied over and over, Smells Begone tends to get rid of the odors with one application.  This means you don’t have to worry about cleaning the same spot over and over.

Smells Begone has been featured in several different environmental related publications and websites, including Wag magazine. It comes it two sizes, a 12 oz pump and a 24 oz trigger, so you can get a good sized bottle if you need it.  It’s a great cleaner that actually works, and best of all, there’s no chemical effects associated with it.

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