Having trouble waking up in the morning?  Does your alarm clock’s alarm make a horrible buzzing noise that abruptly wakes you up, leaving you feeling alarmed and panicked?  Some alarms are so loud and annoying that there’s no wonder why people hate them.  digital-zen-alarm-clockHowever, the Digital Zen Alarm Clock is not like that at all.  In fact, it will help you gently wake up so that you start every morning feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face what the day brings.

The Digital Zen Alarm Clock features Tibetan bell chimes as its alarm sound, and these gentle chimes are loud enough to wake you up.  However, they don’t do so in a jarring, sudden way like many alarms do.  Instead, the chimes steadily get louder over a ten minute period.  This way, you don’t wake up shocked.  You can also set the clock to do a countdown so you can time your workouts and other activities.

The clock has a number of different options and features.  You can adjust the chime volume as you’d like.  You can also set it to chime at a regular interval, and it features a lighted display so you can see the clock even in the dark.  It also has an option to chime every hour.  The entire clock mechanism is set is a gorgeous solid hardwood case that looks great in any room.  It’s completely portable, too, and can run off of either an AC adapter or two AA batteries.

The Digital Zen Alarm Clock comes in a light maple, dark walnut, or black lacquer finish.  No matter which one you choose, this amazing alarm clock is sure to help you start your day in a calm, refreshing way.

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