There are many different things in the kitchen that can be reused that few people really think of.  One of these things is plastic zipper bags.  So many people simply throw these bags out after one use, but the truth is, unless they get a lot of juices or oils in them (or if you use them for things like raw chicken), you can actually reuse these bags several times.  If you use them for cookies, for example, it’s very easy to simply empty out the crumbs and reuse the bag.

countertop-bag-dryerHowever, while it’s easy to reuse bags that held dried goods, you may be a bit uncertain about reusing bags that held other types of foods.  However, it’s very easy to wash these bags out.  You can even turn most of them inside out fairly easily to get them really clean.  But then how do you dry them?

You can leave them on the counter, but this means putting one wet side down.  That’s not very effective.  Instead, you can use one of these neat Countertop Bag Dryers.  These devices provide poles that make it very easy to dry off these plastic bags and reuse them.  Just place the wet bag over one of the drying poles and you’re done!  When it’s not in use, the Countertop Bag Dryer actually folds up so you can easily store it.  It’s made out of sustainable harvested ash and birch, so you’re also purchasing something that’s green.  If you’re looking to make an impact on the environment and save a little bit of money, start recycling your plastic bags.  It only takes a few minutes to wash them, and you’ll easily be able to reuse most of them three or four times, if not more.

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