Water heaters can be large, problematic, and can be a real burden on energy efficiency if you have an older model.  One way to combat this is to get a Bosch Aquastar tankless water heater.  This is because the water is only heated in the quantity that you need at any specific time.  For example, most water heaters keep a minimum amount of hot water stored in the tank ready for use.  However, a tankless water heater will not keep any hot water on hand, but will work to heat up the water that flows through it when the hot water is turned out at the source (i.e. the shower or the sink).

There are three different standard sizes for the Bosch Aquastar tankless water heaters, and you will need to choose the one that will work best for your household water consumption needs. bosch-aquastar-tankless-water-heatersFor example, if you are just looking to have hot water supplied to your sink, then the small 1000P unit will be perfect for this operation.  However, if you want to get a tankless hot water heater that is capable of running a small household, then you will probably want the 1600 series tankless system.  This medium sized system is one that is capable of operating one major appliance at a time like a shower or a dishwasher.  If, your house has more than four people it in, then you will probably want to make sure that you go with the larger capacity 2400 series because it is capable of running more than one large appliance at a time.

Remember, not only are you working with a system that has been time tested and guaranteed, but you are also operating on a more energy efficient level and are taking up less room in your home.

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