Are you an aspiring beekeeper, or do you know someone who is?  beginner-beekeeping-kitThose who are thinking about getting into beekeeping know that several unique pieces of equipment must be purchased.  Beekeeping uses items that no other hobby uses, and sometimes, it can be difficult to find some of these pieces of equipment.  However, once found, the reward of incredibly good honey awaits.

The Beginner Beekeeping Kit provides all of these essential items and more.  It has everything you need to inspect your hives, add more worker bees if necessary, and collect the honey once your hard workers have created it.  The kit contains everything but the bees—those, you have to supply yourself!

In this Beginner Beekeeping Kit you’ll find a full, complete wooden hive ready for bees.  The kit also contains wax, a smoker and fuel for it, a brush, nails, and all the instructions for assembling your hive.  It also contains all of the clothing you’ll need—a helmet with veil and a pair of heavy duty beekeeping gloves.  Of course, you may wish to invest in a full beekeeper’s suit, but one isn’t necessarily needed.

For those who aren’t quite certain how to raise bees or how to collect honey, the kit also contains a copy of “First Lessons in Beekeeping,” a book full of interesting facts and tips on how to start a hive and make certain your little buzzing friends survive.  This book is invaluable for anyone who is just starting out as a beekeeper.

Keeping bees can quickly become an addictive hobby, but before you can start, you’ve got to have the right tools.  Don’t spend time and extra money hunting down each item in this kit individually.  Instead, grab everything you need and start your hive right away!

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