Many people throw their organic waste out onto a compost heap. bamboo-compost-collectorIt provides a great amount of fertilizer, and it helps to reduce the amount of trash bags and waste that goes into a landfill. However, before it makes it to the compost heap, many people toss their organic waste into a bucket or trash can in their kitchen and then dump this bucket once it starts getting full. However, while this does eliminate many different trips out to the compost heap (something that many people don’t like to do in the cold, winter months or when it’s raining), it can result in horrible smells if you aren’t careful.

So how do you control these odors? Well, you could constantly light candles and spray air fresheners, or you could use a bucket like the Bamboo Compost Collector.

This bucket may hold scraps of food waste, but no nasty smells will cloud the room. This is because it has an activated-carbon filter built into the lid so that all the smells are trapped inside. While it is bamboo on the outside and looks very nice, the inside features a 3.5 quart plastic liner. It’s stain free and can hold about a gallon of waste, which is usually about a week’s worth. The bamboo itself has a fresh smell to it that also helps combat the stench of the garbage.

It is important to note that the activated-carbon filter in the lid only lasts 3 to 6 months, so you’ll need to get a replacement for it if you want to keep the smell contained. You may also want to replace or at least wash the plastic liner on a regular basis so that it does not permanently absorb any of the smells.
Bamboo Stainless Steel
Replacement Carbon Filters (For Lid)

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