If you do a lot of camping, you know there are certain items you need to always have with you.  survival-kit-in-a-sardine-canBandages, a compass, some matches, a way of starting a fire, and many other things are quite useful, and sometimes, they can even help save lives.  However, it can be difficult to remember to pack each and every item you need in your survival kit.  How do you remember to grab all of these things without making a long checklist and looking over it every time you head out to the wilderness?  Simple—just purchase the Survival Kit in a Sardine Can.  It has everything you’ll need in case of an emergency, and it’s all packed into one small, space-saving can.

The tiny, waterproof, and lightweight sardine tin contains an entire survival kit, yet it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.  It features a compass, whistle, razor blade, a fire starter cube, a reflective signal surface, a fishing hook and fishing line, and a wire clip, so you’ll have everything you need to survive.  In the first aid department, the survival kit includes first aid instructions, non-aspirin pain reliever, an adhesive bandage, a safety pin, an alcohol prep pad, and some antibiotic ointment.  The kit also includes a pencil and a note pad, an energy nugget (aka a piece of candy), tea, sugar, gum, salt, and a watertight bag to place items in.

This kit really does have everything hikers and campers need.  Plus, you can even carry one around in your car or in your purse or backpack for emergencies.  You never know when you’ll need a bandage, some pain reliever, or a cup of tea (well, maybe not the tea).

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