Juiced Hybrid.com is offering an easy to install chip upgrade for all 2004-2008 Prius models that allows you to run in Electric only mode - Story Below:

Allows you to switch to Electric Only Mode and operate a Prius up to 34 MPH with increased efficiency. Increase fuel efficiency and Performance with this easily installed electric only mode chip upgrade. The EVMODE Chip activates the factory option that is not available for North American Hybrids. Toyota installs this programming in every Prius before it leaves the factory in Japan.

* Easy Installation - In a few minutes this OEM option replication will activate the electric only feature from Toyota to drive for short distances such as around town or in parking lots to save fuel.
* Fuel Efficiency - By limiting the use of the gas motor your Prius will have improved MPG.
* Performance - Operating the electric motor at low speeds you will notice a bit more torque under acceleration.
* Environmentally Friendly - No gas engine means better for the environment while EVMODE is engaged.
* Step By Step Instructions - The EV Mode kit is designed for ease of installation and includes the step by step instructions. No cutting of wires.
* Runs Seamlessly - The electric only feature can be turned on and used up to a speed of around 34 mph at which time it will automatically turn off and the car will operate as usual. Quickly and easily activate and/or turn off the electric mode when desired.
* Maintained battery Life - Battery is prevented from going below 3 Bars by Toyota software in the Prius.
* Engine automatically restarts when the battery needs to be recharged or if you need to accelerate quickly.
* EVMODE will improve your fuel economy. Results will vary based on drivng conditions, geography and how agressive you drive.

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