bioproIf you have a car that runs on Biofuel than this just might be your one way ticket to Energy Independence. The Bio-Pro 190 is an easy to use biodiesel processor made for pretty much anyone who can benefit from producing their own pure 100% biodiesel. The machine is compact and portable and is meant for home use. It features specific compartments where you add each ingredient needed to produce biodiesel. The process is 100% automated and all you need to do is add 1 part vegetable oil, 1part methanol, 1 small part sulfuric acid and a bit of lye. You actually don't even need to measure anything as you just simply fill each compartment to where it is clearly marked.

Aprroximately 60 hours after you begin the process you will be in possession of 50 gallons of pure road-ready biodiesel. The BioPro 190 has been designed to be ultra user-friendly requiring almost no technical knowledge. Once the fuel has been processed you can literally pump the fuel directly into your gas tank using the onboard fuel pump. The BioPro 190 comes with a 1 year warranty from Real Good Solar.

Material & Operating Costs:

Below you can find a breakdown of the costs for making a 50 gallon batch of Biodiesel with the BioPro 190. The cost of vegetable oil is not included here. To get the quantities of vegetable oil needed for use with Bio Pro 190, you just need to go to a few local restaurants and offer to pay them something nominal for their used oil. It's a good idea to look for restaurants located in strip malls or locations where they do not allow for a grease dumpster because they are forced to put the used oil back into the original cans, which makes it very easy for you to carry away.


If you use the machine in an climate where the temperature during the day is around 80 F and at night somewhere around 60 F, you can expect to use approximately 25 Kilowatt Hrs during a batch. You should look at your current electric bill to know what your rate is, but an average rate is about $0.10/KwH. Therefore, on average, you'll use $2.50 in electricity per batch.

Prices for Methanol vary depending on where you are located and how much you purchase. As an average you could purchase 55 gallons of methanol for $155 which equates to $2.82 per gallon. The BioPro 190 needs 10 gallons to make a 50 gallon batch of Biodiesel. Using this $2.82 per gallon figure you will spend approximately $28.20 on Methanol per batch of Biodiesel.

You will need to pick a catalyst for the BioPro 190 which could be either Potassium (KOH) or Sodium (NaOH) Hydroxide. Potassium Hydroxide is typically a bit more pricey than Sodium Hydroxide, but a lot of folks tend to prefer it. A 50 pound bag of Potassium Hydroxide was going for $60.00. A 55 pound bag of Sodium Hydroxide was going for $41.34. Broken down into grams, 55 pounds of Sodium Hydroxide equals 25000 grams and 50 pounds of Potassium Hydroxide equals 22727 grams.

If you went with Potassium Hydroxide you would need to use 2350 grams, which would cost you approximately $5.11 per 50 gallon batch. If you went with Sodium Hydroxide you would need to use 1520 grams which would cost you approximately $2.76 per 50 gallon batch.

Sulfuric Acid
The Bio Pro needs 190 mL of 95-98% pure sulfuric acid to make a batch of biodiesel. You can purchase a 2.5 liter container for around $33.18 which means that you would need to use $2.53 worth of Sulfuric Acid in every Biodiesel batch.

You will need to use approximately 45 gallons of fresh water for each batch. The price of water varies, but you can estimate estimate that you will need about $0.50 of water for every 50 gallons of Biodiesel.

Electricity - $2.50
Methanol - $28.20
Water - $0.50
Sulfuric Acid - $2.53
KOH - $5.11
Total - $38.84 per 50 gallon batch
Per Gallon cost - $0.78/per gallon

The cost of the unit is $8,995.00 which can be daunting at first but also easy to see that you could recoup your investment pretty quickly. In some states tax credits do apply.


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