backyard-wind-turbinesIf you’re looking for the newest thing in backyard wind turbines, here are three different options.  Each one will help you generate a large amount of wind power for your home, but there’s a major catch—none of them are cheap.

The Wind Dancer is an eight-bladed top of the line wind turbine.  It was actually created by a father and daughter to provide power to their home.  In addition to pulling in a great amount of wind power, this copper-colored turbine looks pretty, too.  The Wind Dancer is strong enough to handle large gusts of wind while still working with just a light breeze.  It’s also very silent.  This is because of the way its fan blades are shaped.  Unlike some backyard turbines, the Wind Dancer does not need a tall tower.  The Wind Dancer is sold by Wind Simplicity, and their systems range from $27,000 to $69,000.

If you want something a bit cheaper, the Wind Terra is also available.  It can be mounted right on your roof, so you don’t have the cost (or the eyesore) of a tower.  The Wind Terra works with almost no wind at all.  This is because its blades actually spin horizontally, maximizing the amount of energy it can product at lower wind speeds.  This backyard wind turbine option costs around $11,000.

The third option is the Skystream.  It also uses a very low amount of wind.  With this turbine, you actually mount the inverter right on the turbine itself, so the power is generated right there.  The turbine connects right into your power grid, so it provides your power right away instead of going through a battery (although a battery is available).  However, the Skystream doesn’t provide a large amount of power, so you’ll need several to really make a difference in your bill.  This system costs around $13,000.

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