We’re never going to run out of water, are we?  Well, in some areas, drinking water is actually somewhat scarce.  That’s why it’s very important that new forms of water purification and creation continue to be developed. water There are three promising methods of water creation.

The first is simple: let’s purify the non-drinkable water.  There are many different water purification methods, including reverse osmosis and other filtering techniques.  However, not all require a filter: you can boil water to purify it.  Of course, that’s not very helpful in making large quantities of drinkable water.  For that, water purification tablets, new UV technology, and other toxic absorption techniques have been created.  One group called Engineers Without Borders has created a purification system in Rwanda that actually uses only a tube and wax.

Another method is to draw water out of the humidity in the air in much the same way a dehumidifier works.  These devices create buckets of pure, filtered water.  The Air2Water Dolphin device can make 5 gallons a day as long as there’s about 70% humidity in the air.  That’s not bad, but these techniques obviously won’t work in areas with low humidity, which are often the areas that need water the most.

The final type of water reclamation is called desalination.  This is the process of transforming salt-water into freshwater via reverse osmosis.  While it may be effective some day, however, right now desalination takes a lot of energy and has a lot of costs involved.  Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean people aren’t trying it.  The state of California has recently built a huge desalination plant that will produce 100 million gallons of drinking water a day.  Many companies are currently researching techniques to make desalination a much cheaper and more effective method.

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