First there was the idea for the solar powered bench (the one that can power a laptop, remember?).  solar-powered-bus-stopsWell, now the scientists at MIT have designed what they call the EyeStop, a solar powered bus stop that features a number of different entertainment options.  These options include current news and weather so that people will be informed about the world (something many people are not), but there are other uses to the EyeStop as well.

In addition to the news, those waiting for the bus will also be able to use an interactive mapping screen to figure out their bus route from the station to their destination, including which stops they need to get off on and which buses they need to catch.  They can also use the internet from their mobile devices and even see what types of pollutants they’ve been exposed to in real-time.  The EyeStop will also feature an electronic bulletin board that users can post ads and other announcements on.  All of this will combine to turn the bus stop into more than just a place to wait.  In fact, it could actually make people want to ride the bus again.

Another cool feature of the EyeStop is that it will start to glow as the bus gets closer.  This will let everyone know just how much time they have until their ride arrives, plus at night it will make it easier for bus drivers to see if anyone is waiting at the stop.

But there’s more to the EyeStop than just helping out the average bus rider, although that is its main focus.  However, each EyeStop will also monitor the environment around it, collecting useful real-time information for environmentalists and others.  Of course, the EyeStop will do its part for the environment—they will run off of solar power, and each EyeStop will be made out of as much recycled materials as possible.

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