Installing a nice, relaxing fountain in your garden or courtyard can add a nice touch of beauty and elegance, but some of these fountains use up a lot of energy.  While they’re a nice touch, are they worth it?  In the old days, the answer was pretty much no.  solar-island-fountainHowever, many of today’s fountains use solar power, including the Solar Island Fountain.  This little fountain provides everything that those old power-hogging fountains did but it does it all using a solar cell.

The Solar Island Fountain shoots water up to 17 inches above the sprayer when it has a full charge and is in direct sunlight.  The solar panel, which is fitted around the sprayer, provides all the energy this fountain needs.  As long as it’s in direct light, you’ll have a nice, relaxing fountain that also helps aerate your pond.  Once the sun has shifted, the fountain will still operate, but it may not have the power to shoot water quite as high.  Of course, once the sun has set for the day, the fountain will run down and turn off until morning.

The lily pad base sits low in the water, adding an extra dimension of aesthetics to the fountain.  It looks great in any pond, and its elegant look and sound are sure to get compliments from your guests.  There’s no pond too large or too small to make use of the Solar Island Fountain.  Also, since there’s no wiring or anything to install, you can easily set down two or three of these little fountains in a large pond to really make an interesting scene.

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