solarwaterpanelsMany people are looking for ways of cutting costs, and while installing solar paneling on their homes may not be the best cost-cutting method, adding a Solar Hot Water Panel can considerably help. In addition to cutting your electric bill down, a solar hot water panel is also a great way of becoming a little more ecologically friendly.

One of the top solar hot water panels was created by Heliodyne. The Heliodyne Cool Climate Packaged System is a hot water panel system that has been designed to work in all weather regions and with all types of water. It works with hard water, in areas that often have freezing water, and even in areas where there is little sunshine. The system is available in two mounting options: rack or flush. The Heliodyne is a closed loop system, which means that the heat transfer fluid actually moves through the collectors, not through the water. This results in fewer problems with the system and causes less wear on the parts.

How does the Heliodyne Cool Climate Packaged System work? Well, when the system has enough heat stored in the collectors, the system automatically turns on your water pumps. The solar fluid starts moving from the collectors into the heat exchanger. There, the heat is transferred from the fluid to the water in the tank. The solar fluid is them pumped back to the collectors, where it gets heated before going through the cycle again. As long as the collectors have heat stored in them, the cycle will continue. If it’s cloudy for several days and the collectors don’t store up heat, a backup system will come on that heats water using standard methods.

In addition to the standard system, a premium package is also available. It features upgraded heat transfer capability that will monitor how well the Heliodyne system is working and allow you to fine-tune how it works. It also comes with a Wi-Fi hub that gives you the option of accessing the system from any computer.

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