40-0162Keeping your pool nice and warm during the cooler months can mean all the difference between swimming in it and letting it sit there. After all, who wants to go swimming in a cold pool? Some old style pool heaters had to be plugged in or ran off of gas. However, there are two issues here: one, you never really want to have any electrical cables around your swimming pool, do you? And two, if you’ve got an indoor pool, it’s not a good idea to have anything that creates gas fumes unless you’ve got a door or window open. It can also be a pain to have to purchase fuel all the time.

However, there is one solution to keeping your pool warm and avoiding both electrical cables and gas. The answer: Swimming Pool Solar Heaters.icon By making use of solar heating, you can make your swimming area much safer. You can also reduce the amount of CO2 emissions you create since you won’t be using fossil fuels to heat your pool. You also don’t run the risk of any sort of accidental electrocution since you won’t have any power cords running to your electric pool heater.

Most kits that provide solar heating for pools include several commercial-grade solar panels. These panels can easily be installed near your pool or on the roof of your pool house, and they feature UV inhibitors and are reinforced to withstand storms. There’s nothing really complicated about installing them, and most people can have their solar heating solutions up and running within an afternoon. The instructions provided with each solar heating kit for pools make it very easy to install the system. These solar panels will even work with most other heating systems so you don’t have to install a new pool heater of any sort. If your pool requires a powerful heater or you don’t get that much sunlight, you can easily extend the solar cell grid with additional solar panels to increase the amount of energy you harvest. The basic set up costs around $370 at Real Good Solar.icon

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