Many people are interested in adding solar paneling to their home because they believe it will save them money.  However, when they see just how much solar panels cost, they realize they won’t actually make back their investment for years.  sanyo-solar-moduleFortunately, solar panels are becoming cheaper and cheaper.  The Sanyo Solar Module is an example of a cheaper solar panel that generates a good amount of energy and pays for itself fairly quickly.

This solar module can produce around 16.2 watts of power per square foot of solar panel.  When everything is added up, that means that each Sanyo Solar Module will provide 195 watts of energy per hour, which isn’t bad at all.  This allows you to get as much power as you possibly can with a small number of solar panels.  The Sanyo Solar Modules also need fewer attachments and materials, so you save there as well.

There are some solar panels that claim to provide a certain amount of energy, but the actual amount of power is much lower.  Sanyo’s panels, however, provide you with all of the power they say they do; in fact, in some situations, the panels may even generate more power (such as during an incredibly sunny day).

In addition to these many benefits, the Sanyo Solar Module is also one of the lightest solar panel.  In addition to providing solar power and helping drop your use of traditionally-created electricity, the modules are also packaged in eco-friendly packaging that uses a minimal amount of cardboard.  This also reduces the amount of fuel necessary to transport the modules, plus it means more modules can be transported in the same vehicle.

Each panel costs $1,245.  While that is a lot, the amount generated from the panel will pay for itself fairly quickly.

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