The explosion of new eco-friendly electronic devices over the last several years is proof that Solar Power is quickly becomming more affordable and accessible. A lot of these new solar powered devices are finding their way into mainstream markets and in some cases actually provide lower cost alternatives to standard electrical devices.

Portable solar chargers can be obtained in a lot of electronic shops as well as online. There are already a large number of well respected companies producing sophisticated portable device chargers powered completly by the sun.

They work on everything from laptops to small household appliances, but by far the most common solar charger is the solar mobile phone charger. When choosing one it's important to to be sure that your phone is compatible with the charger you buy. Some chargers work only with a specific brand or model and others come with a connection suitable for several cell phone types. Some portable solar chargers come with a variety of connectors that will work on Cell Phones, PDA's, Palm's, Blackberry, iPods, MP3 players and laptops.

Portable solar chargers are a great option for all sorts of lifestyles and beyond all the positive aspects of being more energy efficient, these devices can be a life saver in emergency situations.

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