You’ve probably had this happen to you: you’re out of the office or out running errands, and you suddenly realize that your cell phone is dead. Even worse, you’re out of town for a business conference and you forget to pack your cell charger. universal-solar-chargerWhat happens if you’re out camping or hiking and need to charge your phone? When your battery runs dead in these cases, you can always turn to a universal solar charger to repower your phone (of course, this assumes you remember to pack it!).

A universal solar charger, or portable solar battery charger, is basically a solar panel on the go. It’s small and light, and you can easily fold it up and stash it in your backpack, briefcase, or even your purse. Whenever your phone has gone dead, you just pull out the universal solar charger, connect the necessary adapter to the mini-USB cord, plug that into your phone, and set the solar panel in the sun. After two to three hours, you’ll have a fully charged cell phone! There’s no need for electrical outlets at all, and you can charge your phone anywhere.

The universal solar charger comes with a number of different adapters so you can use it with almost any phone, including those made by Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Samsung, and Sony. The charger even works with most BlackBerry models and iPods, too, so you can charge up your smartphone and keep your music playing.

While it is another piece of equipment you have to carry around (and, let’s face it, if you forget your phone charger, you may forget the portable solar battery charger as well), it’s one that can actually replace several different chargers. If you travel with your spouse, for example, and you both have cell phones, you can take the universal solar charger instead of both chargers. You can also leave the iPod charger at home so you have less stuff to keep up with.

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