While some people may wonder if the world can really peak its CO2 emissions by 2020 in order to, as ecological experts have said, avoid irreversible damage to the planet, those at the recent Major Economies Forum say it can be done. One of those saying this the loudest was Ed Miliband, the UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary.

The forum, which took place in Mexico, featured representatives from around the world in what was basically a follow-up meeting to the forum that was held last December in Copenhagen. These meetings are designed to put together the next set of Kyoto Accords, and the attending countries all have committed themselves to not just make the peak year but actually to beat it if at all possible.

According to scientists, if we delay the peak for another ten years, the overall temperature of the planet will rise a half degree. That may not seem like much, but it will be irreversible. Some models have shown, though, that developed countries may be able to reach their emission peak by 2015 if they work at it. This would be followed by at least a three percent per year decline in carbon emissions up to 2050.

As part of this initiative, Miliband and the UK ecological team have created the Act on Copenhagen website and movement. They hope to educate the public on how to limit their CO2 emissions and put pressure on various officials and companies to take the 2020 peak very seriously.

While 2020 is only 11 years away, many countries are already making good progress. Of course, this doesn’t mean people can stop working to reduce their emissions. In fact, there’s still a long way to go to meet the peak year, but things are looking good.

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