Some cities do a great job of being green.  They have mass transit systems, they have great recycling programs (and people actually participate in them!), and they do everything they can to encourage greener living.  green-livingHowever, some cities could use a bit of boost in the green department.  Here are a few things they could do (and you could suggest) to be greener.

Encourage walking.  Some cities have very nice plaza areas where people can gather to walk to stores, eat at little outdoor cafes, and more.  But some cities just don’t have these locations.  Instead, people have to drive everywhere.  Likewise, many cities don’t feature walking trails or biking trails throughout the city, so fewer people get out and exercise.

Add mass transit systems.  With the cost of fuel continuing to change often, many people have looked to public transportation to save some money.  Light rails, trolleys, and buses have been used more and more, but some cities lack a good public transportation system.  While adding a rail system can be expensive and difficult, adding more bus routes and trackless trolleys is a great way for the city to both make a little extra revenue and cut down on carbon emissions.  Of course, these buses and trolleys need to be green, but hybrid buses do exist.

Encourage farmer’s markets.  One great example of this are the covered indoor markets found in London.  One of the great things about these large markets is that they’re permanent and they are climate controlled, which, while not always green, encourages people to visit them.  In some cities, farmers have to set up their own stalls or even sell their products from the back of their vehicles.  While that’s OK, it doesn’t create the feeling of permanence, nor does it give any indication that the city promotes green living.

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