Many computer companies are doing what they can to both cut costs and go green.  For some, this means changing the materials they use in their computers.  For others, it means figuring out ways to use less power.  ibmThat’s what IBM and Syracuse University are doing.  The two have joined forces to build IBM a new data center that will use 50% less power than similar data centers around the world.

The company and Syracuse have put a lot of research and effort into designing a building that will need only half the energy of current data centers.  This includes looking at everything from insulation techniques to energy generation methods to much more.  They plan to send six months on building this 6,000-square foot facility at a cost of $12.4 million US dollars.  While that may sound like a lot of money to spend on a building, no matter how energy-efficient it is, there’s no question that this new data center will completely change the concept of energy efficiency in the computer industry.

The IBM/Syracuse building will have a number of new systems to help make it so power efficient.  It will actually have a computer infrastructure that will shift applications and workloads to servers that are not being utilized to increase the efficiency of both computing and power.  The cooling system, something that uses a lot of power, will now only target those servers that need to be cooled down.  Sensors built into every room will detect when people are using various parts of the facility and, when they aren’t, will turn off the lights and other items.

These new approaches to improving energy efficiency are quite ambitious, and many of the things IBM and Syracuse have planned have never been done before.  If the new building truly does use 50% less power, it will be a major accomplishment.

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