Are you looking for a way to save money on your energy bill?  If so, there are several different options.  One of these is to install a very energy efficient ceiling fan.  While you may not be able to save a ton of money, using energy efficient ceiling fans can save a little bit of money.  energy-efficient-ceiling-fansIf you figure up how many ceiling fans you have in your home, however, you may find that you can actually safe a good amount of money overall.

There are several different things to look for when shopping for an energy efficient ceiling fan.  The first thing to consider is the blade size.  You need to find a ceiling fan with blades that are between 50 and 56 inches long for large rooms.  For medium sized rooms, 42 inches is the minimum.  For a smaller room, you can get by with a fan with 32 inch blades.  You need to have your fan mounted at least seven feet above the floor, although eight to nine feet is really better.  The blades should have a pitch of 14 degrees to maximize the amount of air the move.  Make certain the blades are not made out of solid wood or particleboard—neither is very efficient.

When it comes to controls, many may think you need a very complex ceiling fan.  However, that’s not true.  All you need is a basic fan setup—the simple pull chain that controls fan speed and the switch that changes the way the fan rotates is all that is necessary.

This is all that is needed to save you a little bit of money every month.  These energy efficient ceiling fans may not be a way of saving a huge amount of money, but they are helpful in shaving off some cost per month and helping you save a bit on your budget.

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