It sounds like something out of a science fiction show: a machine that makes water out of thin air. But it’s not science fiction any longer. ecoloblue-atmospheric-water-generatorThe EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator actually creates water out of air! The EcoloBlue has a number of celebrity backers, too, and it has been used in place of plastic water bottles at events such as the Green Inaugural Ball and at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party.

The EcoloBlue system draws water molecules out of the air and can create up to seven gallons (28 liters) of drinkable water a day. That’s just the home/office model’s production amount—larger EcoloBlue systems are available. The system uses a stainless steel tank for storage, a filtration system that removes any impurities from the water, and other biodegradable plastics. The filtration system is rated higher than many other purified water systems on the market.

It is important to note, however, that EcoloBlue isn’t going to work the same in all locations. It truly needs about 50 percent humidity to work really well. This means that drier areas aren’t going to get as much water from an EcoloBlue, and the system won’t work as well during the winter, either. However, as long as there’s at least 30 percent humidity, the system will create water. If you’re in an area where the humidity becomes nonexistent at points, you can still connect your EcoloBlue system to your faucet and use it as a water filter.

Interested in installing an EcoloBlue in your home? Well, they’re not cheap. The base model is $1,350, although that isn’t more than some of the larger office water coolers. Of course, if you purchase a lot of bottled water, you’ll make up the cost in no time.

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