Recycling shipping containers seems to be on everyone’s minds these days.  In addition to building offices and other builds with them, one man in Montreal decided to use one to create his restaurant.  The interesting part?  It’s mobile.

The Muvbox was created by Daniel Noiseux, owner of the Montreal Pizzaiolle chain of restaurants.  muvboxHe took a 20-foot shipping container and went about retrofitting it with everything a modern restaurant kitchen would need.  He added seating for up to 28 people, attached solar panels to the top for energy, and then added in the neatest concept of all: he made the entire thing capable of folding down and in.  With just a push of a button, Noiseux’s restaurant folds up into the 20-foot container, making it incredibly portable!

It doesn’t take long to be ready to serve hot, fresh food, either.  All Noiseux has to do is move the container to the desired location and hit a button.  In under two minutes, the entire restaurant has opened up, and within 15 minutes, a small staff of only three or four can have everything ready to go.  The solar panels on the roof provide around 40 percent of all the energy necessary, which is another great feature.

While it’s the only one so far, Noiseux would love to see his space-saving, portable restaurant concept be used by many others in the food business.  He also thinks the idea can be applied to other types of businesses.  The shipping containers can be customized to fit just about anything, and with solar power, there may not even be a need to seek more traditional power sources.

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