keep-sunflowers-planet_shares-300x250-rectangle.gifIf you are interested in different ways to reduce your carbon footprint you can make a difference by using the Brighter Planet website. There you can sign up to use the credit card offered by their partner, Bank of America (and choose paperless billing). Everytime you use this card you will be effectively offsetting your carbon footprint, because the points earned from your purchases are “invested on your behalf to help build renewable energy products”. Brighter Planet also offers you the ability to directly purchase carbon offsets called "Planet Shares", where you pay a fixed amount to offset a specific amount of CO2 emissions. As an example they charge $48 for a 4 ton carbon offset.

The website offers you tools to calculate your carbon footprint as well as other informational tips and resources. You can create a free account to track of your offsets. Once you create your account they set you up with an interactive profile where you can track your yearly carbon emissions. With your built in carbon calculator you can estimate the yearly carbon impact of your lifestyle based on the type of car your drive, how often you fly, where you live etc. You can also link up to your Bank Of America credit card and monitor how the offsets produced from using the card are calculated in your yearly carbon total.

All the offsets that Brighter Planet offers are purchased through Native The philosophy behind the offsets program is basically that by contributing to renewable energy projects you are reducing the amount of power generated by burning fossil fuels.

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