While the UK has seen a fair number of organic beauty products hit the shelves, none of them have had the fair-trade seal of approval on them until now.  The Fairtrade Foundation has recently given five different companies their seal of approval.  fairtrade-foundationThey include Boots, Essential Care, Lush, Bubble & Balm, and Neal’s Yard.  The 57 different products that have been licensed by the foundation contain at least one fair-trade certified ingredient.

So what does that have to do with green news?  Well, the fact is that these natural ingredients are often grown and sold by farmers in third world countries.  The Fairtrade Foundation guarantees that these farmers get a fair price for their ingredients.  This means that farmers are encouraged to grow these natural ingredients, which include things like sugar, brazil nut oil, and Shea butter.  In addition to getting fair prices for their products, companies also invest a bit in the community, giving money to local schools and other groups.

While going green does mean supporting companies and products that help the environment, buying products endorsed by the Fairtrade Foundation also helps the world.  By helping those who grow the natural ingredients found in the beauty products sold by these companies, we’re helping promote farming and organic products.  Many of the farmers who grow these products do so using green technology or, at the very least, avoid damaging insecticides and other harmful things.

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