While HP may not like talking about how they have one of the most ecologically friendly packaging ever, but they certain did a great job at coming up with an amazing way of saving on packing materials.  hp-laptopWhy don’t they want to advertise this?  Well, according to the lead designer of their Innovation Program Office, the department that has come up with a number of green solutions for the computer manufacturer, being green just isn’t part of their brand!

Back up just a bit.  HP itself is certainly interested in being green, but when it comes to this particular laptop packaging, green isn’t hip.  The packaging in question is for their Voodoo brand of laptops.  It is mainly aimed at gamers, a group that is not known for going out of their way to be green (you know how many pizza boxes they go through each month that don’t get recycled?).

So what is this amazing packaging that HP doesn’t really want to talk about?  Well, it is basically a very nice box that features a small embossed logo on it.  There’s no other printing on the box, saving on ink.  As a bonus, because there’s nothing else printed on this box, it can easily be reused for a number of things.  Inside the box are two simple trays that hold everything that comes with the laptop.  These trays can easily be used for sorting papers and other tasks.

Gone is that plastic sheet that normally has to be peeled off the screen.  Instead, the laptop is covered with a microfiber sleeve that can be reused over and over to protect the computer and clean it.  While this sleeve isn’t biodegradable, it’s not garbage like the plastic was.  Just about every aspect of the packaging, then, can be reused in some way.  That’s a huge advancement over other computer boxes.

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