Wind and water are two of the best renewable resources on the planet, but we have yet to truly harvest these resources.  combining-wind-and-water-powerHowever, two new pieces of technology may change all of that.  These two items are designed to work together to truly make use of both wind and water power.

The first concept was created by Statoil Hydro, a company in Norway.  They realized that there’s not enough land in some places to create wind turbine farms, plus some people just don’t like the way all of those wind turbines look.  However, Statiol Hydro’s wind turbines aren’t built on land—instead, they’re floating out in the sea.  Not only do they float, but they can actually be moved, too, allowing the turbine farm to be shifted whenever needed.  However, the turbines are made to generally stay in one location by being anchored to the sea floor.  Cables attached to the turbines also need to be able to send power either to shore or to a floating battery station.

The issue, of course, is the cost.  It’s expensive to build these floating turbines, and it’s expensive to get them set up.  It may not be worth the energy savings…unless we were able to harvest more power.

That’s where the Green Ocean Energy Ltd’s Wave Treader comes into play.  These little devices can be added to offshore wind turbines to generate hydro power while the turbine harvests wind power.  While the Wave Treaders haven’t been tested with floating turbines, who’s to say the two concepts can’t be merged into one?  Both are still undergoing testing, of course, and won’t be put into actual use for a few more years.  Perhaps by then Statoil Hydro and Green Ocean Energy will have come up with a combination device.

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