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Together we all face enormous challenges as we attempt to change the old ways of thinking, being and acting and set our sights on a new world where the collective spirit inspires us to change the mistakes of the past. The stakes are high and our obligation is clear. We must be sure that our children inherit a world that is full of hope, unlimited possibility and choice. And while we must impress upon our leaders the urgent need for change and responsible legislation, together we have the potential to make a big difference with just a bit of information, awareness and action.

iBuyitGreen.com grew out of a desire to create a central resource for people to learn about Eco-Friendly products and services. As more and more companies begin to adopt Eco-Minded practices, iBuyitGreen.com will strive to deliver the latest conservation minded product ideas and information.

The intention of this website is to raise awareness, inspire and motivate people to make greener choices. The site is split into two parts: 1) A blog where green products, services and issues are reviewed and discussed and 2) An Eco-Friendly store that features a wide array of green products (new & used) in all categories.

Our Eco-Friendly store is a great place to find deals on green products. We very much believe that buying used or recycled products goes a long way toward helping to clean up the planet by reducing carbon emissions from new production and keeping goods out of landfills. Many of the used or recycled products that we feature are from Ebay and other Eco-Conscious retailers.

A MINIMUM of 10% of the profits from this site go to organizations that support efforts to reduce carbon emissions and spread awareness about climate change.

We welcome your feedback and if you are interested in having a product, store or service reviewed please contact us

Our office is run on 100% wind power and we very much believe that sustainability starts at home.

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