To-GO Ware Food Tin

I’m always interested in seeing new ways of cooking or containing food.  One of the most interesting types of food products, in my opinion, is the lunch box.  Think about all the different ways people have tried to transport food in the past.  First there was the paper bag.  togo-food-tinThen there was the metal lunch box.  Neither really did much to keep hot food hot or cold food cold.  The insulated bag came next, but it wasn’t that effective, either.  Small coolers with ice packs did a good job at keeping food cold, but they’re bulking and you have to refreeze the ice pack every four hours or so to keep it really cold.

Well, it may not be a solution to keeping food hot or cold, but the To-Go Ware Food Tin is certainly a different looking lunch box.  In fact, it’s more of a lunch pail.  This stainless steel food container is perfect for taking leftovers anywhere you go.  You can use it to cart your lunch up to your office, or you can use it to take food with you on a picnic or to a campsite.  You can even use it to transport food to a potluck dinner party or take a dessert over to a friend’s home.

One of the biggest benefits the To-Go Ware tin has is that your food will never come in contact with any type of plastic.  Plastic bags like those used by restaurants for take out can actually contain toxins and other parasites—these bags aren’t cleaned, after all.  Even the boxes and other containers (many of which are horrible for the environment) may come with hundreds of germs on them.  This metal container, however, will greatly reduce the number of toxins and germs your food comes in contact with.  It’s also a lot lighter than glass containers and pans.

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Bamboo Office Roll-Up Mat

If you use rolling chairs on any carpeted area, you know how impossible it is to make them move easily.  bamboo-office-roll-up-matSure, you can put down one of those hard plastic mats, but those often look horrible, and they can flatten down your carpet and may even cause damage to it.  Plus, these plastic mats obviously take a lot of plastic and energy to make, making them not very ecological.  But fortunately, there is a solution: the bamboo office roll-up mat.

This amazing bamboo mat looks great.  It’s done in a dark cherry finish that will make your office look very nice.  The finish looks nice on just about any carpeted surface, especially if you have dark cherry furniture in your office.  The bottom of the mat is covered in thick felt to protect the carpet or hardwood floor underneath it.  If you’re moving or decide you don’t need to use the bamboo mat, it easily rolls up for storage or transport.

Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet, and that’s what makes the bamboo office roll-up mat incredibly ecological.  If you’re looking for a way to get rid of those ugly plastic mats while avoiding something that’s going to harm the environment, then one of these mats is perfect.  It also makes a great gift, especially for someone who has just moved into a new house.

Cheesemaking Kit

Have you ever thought of making your own food?  There are several different types of food you can make at home, and one of them is cheese.  It might sound difficult or not worth the trouble.  After all, isn’t making cheese a very long, complicated process?  Well, it doesn’t have to be thanks to this cheesemaking kitcheesemaking-kitThe kit makes the entire process very quick and easy.

This cheesemaking kit allows you to create a number of fresh cheeses right in your own kitchen.  It uses top of the line cheesemaking processes and techniques for making ricotta and mozzarella from a variety of different milks, including local, nonfat, dried, and goat’s milk.  The instructions in the kit take you through the entire cheesemaking process step by step, making it very easy to go from opening the box to making your first cheese.  You won’t ever need to visit the grocery store for cheese again.

The cheesemaking kit includes everything you need to get started (except for the milk, of course!).  It features an instructional DVD to guide you through the process, a thermometer, flake salt, muslin, citric acid, rennet, and a recipe book that features 75 different great cheesemaking recipes.  You’re sure to find at least a few cheese recipes in the book, and you can always search the internet or look for other cookbooks to supplement your cheesemaking enterprise.

The cheesemaking kit is perfect if you want to start making your own food.  You can save money, eat healthier, and feel great about creating and eating food you’ve made with your own hands.  It’s also a fun activity to enjoy with your children or an activity to share with a group of friends.  Once you start making cheese, you’ll find that you don’t even want to buy it ever again since your own cheese tastes so great.

Ecofan Gas and Woodstove Fan

If you own a wood burning stove or even a gas stove, you might use them in the winter as a way of helping to heat your home.  ecofan-gas-and-woodstove-fanWood burning stoves, especially, are often used for heat.  However, they use up a lot of wood, and sometimes, they don’t actually put out as much heat as you’d like.  However, there’s a way you can get more heat out of these stoves without using up any more resources.  How?  By circulating the air using an Ecofan Gas and Woodstove Fan.

The Ecofan Gas and Woodstove Fan helps to improve your woodstove’s heating capability by 30%.  This means your room will be much warmer than before.  These fans use thermodynamic technology that actually makes the fan speed up as the stove gets hotter.  Best of all, these fans do not use any electricity at all, so they’re increasing your heating efficiency but not drawing on any resources.  What more could you want?

The bottom of each Ecofan features a small temperature-sensitive strip that tilts the fan just a bit so that it won’t overheat by staying in contact with the hot surface of the stove.  The fans are also made out of anodized aluminum so they won’t corrode or rust.

There are several different models of the Ecofan.  There’s the standard Ecofan for woodstoves.  Then there’s the Ecofan for gas stoves.  Finally, the Ecofan Plus has a larger heat absorbing surface so that it can circulate even more heat throughout the room.  No matter which one you select, you’ll find your rooms are much warmer and that you need to use less fuel in your stove to maintain that heat.

Pine Needle Ornaments

Many people love to collect Christmas tree ornaments.  pine-needle-ornamentsIn fact, for some it’s a holiday tradition to purchase a new ornament every year.  Some parents buy an ornament for their children every year so that by the time they move away, they have a nice collection of ornaments that are very special to them.  Others simply like to add something new to their trees each year or replace old or broken ornaments.

If you’re looking for some ornaments that are unique and that you won’t find in any local department store, then you may want to look at these pine needle ornaments.  They are handwoven in Nicaragua by women who live in a co-op on a ridge above the city of El Cerro.  These women collect pine needles that fall from the trees around the co-op and weave them into various different crafts and ornaments.  This creates a sustainable economy and is a great form of using what nature provides to make amazing decorations.  The ornaments have that great pine smell, creating a natural type of air freshener.  They are also Fair Trade certified, meaning that the women get the money made from their ornaments.

You have three different designs to choose from: a star, an angel, or a bell.  Of course, you may want to purchase a set of all three to make your tree look really pretty.  The different ornaments have been dyed a maroon color so they stand out when placed on your Christmas tree or hung in your window.  You could even hang one of them in your car to give it a fresh pine smell.  If you’re looking for a great new ornament, you really should look at these.  They’re unique and sure to be a great addition to your tree.

Smart Power Strip

As you’ve probably heard many times over by energy-efficient people, articles, and websites, everything draws power when it’s plugged in.  It doesn’t matter if the device is turned off or if it’s plugged into a power strip.  All electronics continue to pull a little bit of power constantly if they are plugged in, and besides being wasted electricity, it’s also something we have to pay for.  Granted, they don’t draw a lot of energy, but it does add up.

However, the Smart Power Strip can prevent all of this wasted energy and money.  It has several different color-coded plugs for your electronics.  smart-power-stripThe main electronic device, such as your computer or television, goes into the main blue outlet.  The other devices, such as your printer, monitor, DVD player, or cable box, plug in to the other outlets.  The power strip contains sensors in each outlet that tell it when the main device is turned off.  It then shuts down all of the other outlets so no power goes to anything until the main device is turned back on.  This can actually save you over 70% of the energy used by these devices, plus it provides you with surge protection.  Three outlets on the Smart Power Strip are always on, too, so you can use the power strip for things like alarm clocks or internet modems and routers that may always need to be on.  Six other outlets in addition to the main outlet give you plenty of space to plug in many different devices.

Saving on energy is a great way of cutting down your monthly bills, and while it might not seem like a huge savings by powering down these devices, every little bit helps. (more…)

Plantable Seed Calendar 2010

As 2009 comes to an end, there are a number of different things to purchase to get ready for the new year.  plantable-seed-calendar-2010One of these things is a new calendar.  In fact, most people need two or three new calendars.  Usually, they keep a calendar in a few different places in the home, and they often need one on their desk at work and a travel calendar to keep in the car or in their purse.  But what happens to the 2009 calendars?  Most just end up in the trash, although some people do cut pictures out of them or recycle them.  However, the unique Plantable Seed Calendar 2010 offers a very different way of getting more use out of this calendar when 2011 rolls around.

Besides being a great looking calendar that works for the home or the office, the Plantable Seed Calendar 2010 features wildflower seeds embedded in every page.  On the first of each month, pull off the previous month’s page, take it outside, and simply bury it in the ground or in a pot.  Before long, you’ll have some beautiful wildflowers sprout up!  In addition to the different seeds each month contains, the paper is all 100% post-consumer waste that has been recycled.  This calendar is truly one of the most ecologically friendly gifts you could ever give.  Every page is handmade and features drawings and decorations designed to fit the current month.  It also comes in a nice reusable tin that you can use to keep pages in until you want to plant them or use for other items.

The Plantable Seed Calendar for 2010 is a really great gift idea that is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves flowers.

Wall Shelf Drying Rack

Drying your clothing, towels, and other items on a clothesline is a great way of saving energy.  wall-shelf-drying-rackHowever, there are some days when it’s just impossible to use an outdoor clothesline, such as during bad weather or in areas that are located too far north.  You can try hanging clothing indoors, but stringing an indoor clothesline can get in the way.

To make indoor drying easier, you may want to install a Wall Shelf Drying Rack.  This wooden rack can be installed on any wall in just a few minutes.  It’s very easy to hang, and just about anyone can do it.  Once you’ve got the drying rack installed, all you have to do is pull out the drying rack and place your clothing on it.  When you’re done, you simply push the rack back into the shelf.  Convenient pegs on the bottom of the shelf give you places to hang longer and heavier clothing, while the shelf on top gives you a place to store laundry soap or to dry things like herbs and flowers.

You can install the Wall Shelf Drying Rack in your laundry room to make it very easy to move clothing from the washer to the drying rack, or you can put it in a sunny location to help the clothing dry faster.  If you routinely wash a lot of clothing at once, you can even get two or three of these drying racks and hang them side by side to create a large drying area.

Pocket Kite

If you’ve been to a park during warm weather, you may have seen people flying stunt kites.  pocket-kiteThese kites aren’t like the traditional rectangular ones you may have played with as a kid.  Instead, they’re aerodynamic tricksters that can do many different, exciting things in the hands of a skill kite flyer.  If you want to try doing kite tricks yourself or know someone who might, check out this cool Pocket Kite.

In addition to be a state of the art stunt kite that can do loop the loops and other stunts, the Pocket Kite has one other amazing trick: it folds up and fits nicely into a small carrying pouch.  Because there are no support rods or other stiff items in the kite, it can be collapsed into a very small package.  However, when it’s unfurled, it’s easily 45’’ by 20’’, a good sized kite.

The Pocket Kite is a long rectangle of multicolored fabrics.  The dual string controls attach one on each end, giving you the ability to more accurately control the kite.  The material it’s made out of is nearly indestructible, so even if you crash into a tree or the kite hits the ground hard, it will be back up in the air in no time with no scratches or tears.  The Pocket Kite makes a great gift for kids and adults alike, especially for those who dream of the sky.

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

If you do a lot of camping, you know there are certain items you need to always have with you.  survival-kit-in-a-sardine-canBandages, a compass, some matches, a way of starting a fire, and many other things are quite useful, and sometimes, they can even help save lives.  However, it can be difficult to remember to pack each and every item you need in your survival kit.  How do you remember to grab all of these things without making a long checklist and looking over it every time you head out to the wilderness?  Simple—just purchase the Survival Kit in a Sardine Can.  It has everything you’ll need in case of an emergency, and it’s all packed into one small, space-saving can.

The tiny, waterproof, and lightweight sardine tin contains an entire survival kit, yet it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.  It features a compass, whistle, razor blade, a fire starter cube, a reflective signal surface, a fishing hook and fishing line, and a wire clip, so you’ll have everything you need to survive.  In the first aid department, the survival kit includes first aid instructions, non-aspirin pain reliever, an adhesive bandage, a safety pin, an alcohol prep pad, and some antibiotic ointment.  The kit also includes a pencil and a note pad, an energy nugget (aka a piece of candy), tea, sugar, gum, salt, and a watertight bag to place items in.

This kit really does have everything hikers and campers need.  Plus, you can even carry one around in your car or in your purse or backpack for emergencies.  You never know when you’ll need a bandage, some pain reliever, or a cup of tea (well, maybe not the tea).

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